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Racism is a spectrum

Are all white people racist? Yes, of course they are. Let us explain.

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Why race still matters so much in the United States
Watch this 4-minute video on how we got to this point.

What is White Privilege?
Curious what everybody means when they’re talking about white privilege? If most of these apply to you, you might be benefitting from white privilege.

Hey, you got a little racism stuck in your teeth
Think of it more like flossing, less like getting your tonsils out, says Jay Smooth“We don’t assume, I’m a clean person therefore I do not need to clean my teeth. Being a clean person is something you maintain and work on every day […] And when someone suggests to us that we’ve got something stuck in our teeth, we don’t say, ‘I have something stuck in my teeth?! But I’m a clean person!’” Read here and watch here for how to have better conversations about race.

  1. Take the pledge to Stand Against Racism.
  2. Diversify your news diet. Add these to your regular reading:

    and even more here!

  3. Check out Facebook’s training on stereotypes and bias, then take an implicit bias test yourself.
  4. What solutions are Black people calling for? Pick a section of this inspiring, impressively researched platform from Movement for Black Lives and see how you can support at the local, state, or federal level.
  5. Follow @YWCASFMarin and @SURJMarinOrg and get our email for local action alerts, and then show up!

Elimination Racism, Empowering Women
If we’re not doing both, we’re doing neither. Getting intersectional means showing up when there are no pink hats.

What is it, and what does it have to do with me?
beautiful introduction from our sisters at YWCA Greater Boston

The Basics
Ain’t I a Woman? Check out this brief, well-written history.

What’s wrong with the women’s march?
It’s not so much the women’s march as it is the women’s marchers not showing up in solidarity with other causes. DiDi DelGado of BLM Cambridge writes on the Imperative of Intersectional Solidarity.

An Example: Intersectionality is key to the pay gap
The pay gap between Latinas and white women is bigger than the pay gap between white women and white men. While many focus on the gender gap, the intersecting discriminations of racism and sexism make things much more dire for women of color and especially Black women.

We’re in it together
If women of color don’t get justice, women don’t get justice. That’s why our Advocacy Agenda is crafted with an intersectional lens.


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